Dreams and Aspirations and Giving Up Pottery
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Dreams and Aspirations and Giving Up

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I have given up on two of these. Two of these mean nothing, nobody wants or needs them, so why do them. The one I haven't given up on?  I curse myself if I'm not working on it. Then I realize that the one I'm working on? It's worth nothing, and no one wants it and I give up and one of the others pops up and I'm after it feverishly.

So have more than one dream and you'll always be giving up and it's okay. Look at the situation. A million years is a second. A universe explosion is a second. We were made in the middle of a star. Nothing really can last or does matter. It is natural to realize that and natural to throw the brushes, natural to give up in the face of the insignificance of the enormous or tiny. In a universe or universes of cycles, death and rebirth are everywhere. The death and rebirth of my dreams and aspirations are the same, natural, painful, real.

Un-natural is then, giving up and the Phoenix not rising. Picking yourself up, having a good cry and trying again is universal. It's what the universe itself does. Imperfection is not just built in, it is the one thing that makes the universe work. All of the atoms could have fit into a grid but imperfection makes it fall into chaos and cycles here we are. Be imperfect in your art. It is your imperfection which identifies you. Be satisfied with being a firefly and shining your light for a moment like the stars.