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I read across these pottery lessons and thought I'd share. I've been meaning to take up pottery but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I should buy the kiln I guess and commit. Once I get started on something I tend to be obsessed and you know how that goes. If I start to make pottery I'll be in the backyard firing pottery every day. There's only so many hobbies one person can have. Sometimes I stretch myself out too far. It's hard to be good at anyone thing unless you are dedicated to it totally. There are natural gifts, but often it's hard work that really does the job. What others call talent is hard work in disguise.
Maybe glazing pottery would be good for me. I like the way a simple coating can look so beautifully artistic. I think at be more inclined to make sculpture. I like the way the clay feels and it would be like painting except it's in 3-D. My friend Edward is good at ceramics, and wall art as he calls it. I would never think to ask for wall art.
I hope you find these lessons interesting. I like watching the videos and taking the lessons.