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Well I'm setting up shop at Blogger. This site has been active for many years and has filled and emptied. I have so many interests that it's hard to say who I am.
Let's try some stuff out in the new digs, some Rorschach Art, That's what I call it. I noticed that in the psychological tests with inkblots, that random abstract shapes turn into geometrical shapes when mirrored. I then took images taken from some of my paintings and created these images using clips from the art.
Nature uses this principle in the patterns on insects for example. Negative spaces become positive spaces when mirrored in these images.
Something I do as I move on. Obviously art can be mixed media with one part of the media real, even painted, and the other, a manipulation with a computer.
Or so says Dave the hermit outsider. Pish

Andy Warhol too?