A Post for No One | Why I Still Blog

Why I Still Blog
Hi Dave!

Who ever you are:
We are a nobody little website and there may be a person from China or Africa who wanders in right now. Everyone thinks of the web pages as a place where the world is listening. They get a website and six months later they ask, where is everyone?

When the internet was young, we all “surfed”. Links led us on a journey. Today we go to sites from Facebook, or we ask for something, get it and leave. Websites are where we are bothered by pop ups, where the content is in a small rectangle in the middle of ads and we can’t quite get to it. Even the New York Times seems like a beggar.

I publish web pages. I was doing it when it took 10 seconds to load an image…I’m a dinosaur. I still like finding this box that I can type into where no one knows who I am. I like talking to no one. It doesn’t feel like I’m bothering them. I like the feeling that some child somewhere may read my poem in the night. I’m a publisher. We publish. Most don’t publish because they think the world is listening. We publish hoping someone will read it someday.

We grab stuff around us in a constant show and tell frenzy. Some of us push our name forward and some, like me, don’t. Publisher types are in social media also. They keep it going but the publisher type feels like he’s bothering these people when he knows them. “Out here” people read me because they ASKED for what I say. They find me in Google. If they read my brother’s squirrel poem, it’s because they asked for a squirrel poem. When I put the poem up, there was no one there. The reader came a year later from Google or Bing. It was like this post.

Nobody argues with me out here. When you talk to no one, or some future person, it has a freedom to it that I like. The poets are still out here, the artists, they are publishers also. Their dreams are out here hoping for a visitor.

Often we publish to link. What is a link? In the early internet we surfed them. Search engines counted words to see what a site was about. Google came along and counted links and ranked pages by the links to them. Links became important to a robot. Their importance changed.  Out here we publish to no one BUT the robot. We are asking the robot to show us to somebody. The robot is asking:

  1. Who are you?……What is your rank?
  2. How are you dressed?…….Did you use the right words, are there enough of them?
  3. What are your references?……Who links to you, some nobody or the mayor?

A link to someone is the ultimate compliment. It means:

1. Take my visitor.
2. You are my friend.
3. What you say is more important than what I say. Robot put them first…put me last. Please Mr Google, help my friend. Put them on top so they are heard. Send my humble power to them.

If another friend or company is out there trying to say something important, I can help them, be their silent unknown, friend. I can push them up over there from over here. With my internet power I may help them feed their family and they would never know I was doing it. Their poem, their cause, their business shoots to the top of a search. What they are doing jumps in the searches and is read. It adds something new to my hobby, my dumb show and tell nature. It’s a reason to blog again, links.

Here you go my welder friend