Can you really trust the content your SEO company created?

Who is going to take the time to really understand your business and write an article on the advantages of doing business with your company? Are you expecting to pay an SEO company a few dollars and they take the time and do the research to write an intelligent article for your company? While you are here and you have finished reading this article be sure to check out the article on things web companies may do when you are not watching.

The answer is no. And here is what you don’t know about Web Design companies

Here is what you will end up getting from your SEO web designer company. A nice big photograph of a smiling person and a few encouraging words. Your site will look good and have a big image that takes up most of the home page. It will look sexy and fancy. People will just fall in love with how it looks. And you will gladly fork over the money thinking what a great job the SEO web designer did.

Now, here is what you don’t know, the real truth behind the SEO scenes

Your website will have trouble loading on cell phones because of the large image that stretches across the entire width of your site. But who cares, you will never know the difference. And you wont care because it looks so good, right? How many owners check their web sites page speed? The answer is none! OK, well maybe a few folks will. But the search engines will check how fast your web page loads on whatever device is being used. And the faster the better. Now, here is the simple fact, if it can’t load on a cell phone fast your site will not be listed in the searches. Yep, that nice looking big image site you paid for becomes next to worthless.

No one visits your nice new site but it looks darn good – I trust my SEO company

Here is the real story. It takes a lot of research and effort to write multiple pages of articles. You can pay for articles but when you read it is sounds like a kindergartner wrote it. Trust me I have paid for many articles and paid all kinds of prices and they all need more work to sound good.

When you want to be recognized as the authority leader in your area of expertise the last thing you want is a Kindergartner article, right?

So you hired this big shot SEO, inbound marketing, digital web design company to write an article and create your site. And you trust everything they say. And they did a great job at web design making things look good but failed at content writing and SEO.

Which is better a great looking website or one that has a lot of good content? Trust me on this one

Most people will tell you they want a good looking site. It does not have to say much but needs to look great and be unique. And it stands to reason looking nice and pretty will make people enjoy your site and visit your site more often, right?

I go to my lawyer’s website often just to see their fabilicious video of them walking around on the screen. I never go there to have important questions answered about…

Nah, just let me see the nice videos. Well that is the farthest from the truth as you can possibly be. Here is the real truth and please trust me on this one. A plain website with good information will outperform a nice looking fancy website every time hands down. Visitors don’t care about your image, they want answers to their questions. And if you have a lot of good articles on how to solve problems then you will have visitors coming back for more. So the bottom line is don’t trust just any SEO company to write these articles. You need to take an active part in the creation of your website content. You will need to work closely with your SEO company and participate in creating articles and answering questions to become the authority in your area of expertise.

Image courtesy of Rowen Smith

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