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It’s always a good idea to do a crawl space inspection yourself, hire a plumbing service or home
inspector. And you or a plumber should do one periodically. What is under your house is very important
and can have a dramatic effect on the upper levels, where you live. You want to make sure you home is
safe and healthy. Many times by doing a crawl space inspection especially in older houses you will find
leaky pipes and or a wet spots. Massive amounts of moisture can be a natural breading ground for
fungus. This is not what you want underneath your house. The goal is to call out problems like these
before it amounts to something bigger.
And if you are trying to sell your home of plan on selling in the near future having you crawl space
inspected by a licensed plumber is a must. Many problems found at the time of sale can lead to a delay
or even add unnecessary complications to your home sale.
The reason plumbers and or home inspectors need to do the inspection on a periodic basis is because
there is so much that can go wrong underneath your house. And plumbers are aware of what needs
maintenance and can spot potential problems before they happen. You want to identify these potential
problems and either have them fixed now or at a time of your planning.
Summary of what a plumber or home inspector will look for:
1. Moisture in the form of damage, damp insulation, condensation and or warped materials
2. Water intrusion
3. Termites
4. Wiring problems
5. Foundation cracks, settling and or shifting issues
6. Proper ventilation
7. Floor and framing
8. Presence of any animals or animal damage
9. Proper vapor barriers
The items mentioned above is just a brief summary of what a good plumber or home inspector will
look for when they enter into your crawl space. They will also be looking for many other problems and
or warning signs and may recommend an electrician and or other professionals to investigate issues
more thoroughly. So remember don;’t put is off. Get a crawl space inspection by a professional licensed
plumber for your home health and safety.