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The place for a business to be found is in Google. Search engine optimization is an industry dedicated to helping businesses be found in searches. Seo professionals can help you use keywords that people use to search for your service or business. A keyword is a phrase such as “buy a car” or or “dentist near me” that someone would enter into a search engine box. Some keywords are local keywords such as these and you’d expect a map box like this one:

local seo

Appearing in the local box is important because most people will call one of the numbers in the box on the first page. Significantly fewer people will click to get more local businesses. The businesses on the first page will get more phone calls, and more leads. The business of getting them there is called search engine optimization.
A Google algorithm, essentially a computer program, which crawls the Internet, decides who is in the box. Several factors go into this:

1. Google MyBusiness is a search term a business owner would ask for in order to register his business with Google and locate that business on the map. The business owner would enter a description of the product and services offered. The business owner should post products and jobs completed in Google MyBusiness. This also allows customers to post reviews of the business. The words that the owner uses in the description and the words in the reviews are read by Google software and contribute to the placement.

2. As you can see in the photo, the website plays a major role in securing leads but also can add prominence to the Google MyBusiness listing in the local map box. Optimizing the website is crucial for prominence and can push a local listing to the top in the local map box.

3. Links to the website are very important in this process. Google pioneered something called page rank, a ranking given to each page on the Internet based upon how many links come from other sites. A link ceased to be something that visitors use and became a reference for job. That job that the link is a reference for is position in a search. If you are selling a product or service and lots of people link their websites to your website, your website will move up in searches.

A company that offers Seo services will seek to ensure that your website has lots of words that help Google software to determine exactly what you want and what you are about. They will also ensure that your Google MyBusiness account is optimized. They should also be able to find high page rank links to your website. The business requires Internet clout. One company in Nashville that has that clout is Seo Nashville Pro. Some of the websites who support them have a page rank and as high as four. This is very important when it comes to selecting an Seo provider. The work is very labor-intensive in that articles, such as this one, have to be written and posted on other websites, such as this.

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