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I love my job because I 100% believe every time I help a client buy or sell a home, land, or any piece of real estate that I am making their life better. My clients are either ready to buy a home to live in, a piece of land to build their own home, or looking to sell their current property and move on to the next chapter in their life. I cannot think of another career where you can not just sell a person a product, but a part of their personal story. I can help them invest in their future, find tenants, manage rental property, assist in a new construction build, and so much more.

Being a Realtor in Clarksville, TN has allowed me to help people in my community and helped me grow as an individual as well. I love to meet new people and interact with people on a daily basis. My previous employment did not allow for this as often and hindered my personal growth. I am now able to meet people that have only a general idea of what they are looking for in a home and how the buying process works, then, I can walk them through the process and educate them on the Clarksville real estate market. Once they know what they want, how the process works, and what kind of market we are experiencing next we can visit some homes, find one they love, and make an offer. This is a wonderful process to experience because the buyers go from being afraid and timid to excited and ready to make an offer because they know the next steps.

….from I Love my Job by Jarrett McGaha


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Pressure Washing Clarksville, Tennessee One Building at a Time

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The pressure washing industry can trace its roots back to 1926 and the glory days of prohibition. Frank W. Ofeldt II, an employee of a Pennsylvanian producer of gas-fired water heaters and boilers and a maker of whisky stills, is credited as the inventor of pressure washing. It was quite by accident, while working on a whisky still, that he discovered that steam forced at high pressure through a small hose provided an effective method of cleaning grease off his garage floor. He began a crusade to create a cleaning contraption that would mix this new-fangled wet steam with chemicals……Cleaner Times

The Hypressure Jenny Was the first High Pressure cleaner. Frank’s father invented the first gasoline-propelled motor-boat (F. W. Ofeldt)

this was the first known use of gasoline for transportation, since it was before the Automobile Industry started, and gasoline at that time was thrown away as a by-product in the manufacture of kerosene. The new Motor-Boat Industry started by Mr. Ofeldt’s invention, therefore, was immediately assisted by Mr. Rockefeller, Flagler, etc., because it represented the first large market for gasoline.

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