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Local Seo

local seo

What is SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process by which we help your website rise in searches on the Internet for your product or service. If your website is well-designed then you have a presentation for your customer. Often after a website is designed, the next question that arises is, “why can’t I find my website on the Internet when I search for my product or service. It is often easy to find your website when you ask for it directly but your customers, often, art asking for you but for your product or service.

What Affects SEO

Search engine optimization involves goal three steps: 1. The words that you say on your website. 2. The strength of your website. 3. The links to your website. Links to your website are like references for a job for which you are applying. Who are you references and who are they. It’s a matter of how many websites link to you and who they are. If they are powerful, then their link to you will help you more than if they are less than powerful. 4. The relevance of links to you. Were the articles full of content and important and on topic.

How We Can Help

We are part of a network of e-zines and websites that have been on the Internet since 1998. We can link our websites to you and we can help you say the right words in the right sequence to hit what we call “keywords”, those words that your customer is asking for. Often this work is extensive requiring lots of time and effort. We become your biggest fan, the blogger who is excited about you, the writer who writes about you and links to you. Our goal is to make your phone ring.

It’s a partnership this making a phone ring.

The business of SEO is a business of helping people generate leads through phone calls or contacts that come from search engines and local maps and searches for local keywords. A local keyword example is “used car”. This search will produce a map. If that is your product you want to be on that map.

How does this start?

We evaluate your current position and advise you of what you can do without us. Sometimes it is a process of linking and waiting for Google or other search engines to recognize articles or links that we have introduced for you. We can install certain plug-ins that can help and, if needed, we can rearrange the words on your site such that you’re ready on your end.